5 Minute Bird Count

5 min bird counts allow us to keep track of the increased impact predator control has on birdlife in the Eastern Bays. Anybody can do them, the important thing is consistency in the time of day, place you count and method you use. We need to build up a database over several years to monitor changes in bird populations in our community. 

We undertake our bird counts twice each year, within a given 2 week period, these being:

  • The weeks before & after Mother’s Day Saturday May 4th until Sunday May 19th 2019
  • The weeks before & after Labour day Saturday October 19th until Sunday Nov 3rd 2019

We ask people to count as close as possible to 9am on any day within these 2 week periods (but starting anytime between 8am and 930am is great). 


Garden Bird Survey Visual Guide.pdf
Bird Count Instruction Guide.pdf
Bird Count Recording Form.pdf